What Are Users Saying About Your Brand’s Mobile App?

What are users saying about your brand's mobile app?If you’re a business owner, you know well that brand reputation and bottom line growth are the core elements to success. However, today with mobile apps becoming central to business strategies, the way brands protect their image and revenue has transformed drastically.

Your brand is all about what your users say, and building a world-class brand requires listening to your users. This is especially vital in the age of social media, and it’s even more difficult when it comes to the myriad app stores. The mobile market has seen countless poor quality apps launch, and then receive immense criticism within app store reviews leading to total brand demise. It’s a risk a business can’t afford to take.

Not to mention companies are increasingly tying their revenue numbers and bottom line goals to their apps. Many have, in fact, revived their businesses through mobile. A great example of a business that saw the potential in mobile (long before most) is Internet retailer eBay, who has seen their revenue increase by 15% in the past year largely as a result of their willingness to embrace mobile platforms. There can be no question mobile’s benefits for businesses are tremendous. However, the tie to revenue makes mobile app quality that much more imperative.  If your app fails, so does your business. Brand’s like eBay need to take necessary measures to make sure their users are happy and their brand is protected.

So what happens when a problem arises? Until now, the lack of accurate and detailed data has left business owners without a proper course of action.

The goal of Applause is to address this increasingly difficult challenge of monitoring, measuring and improving app quality for business owners. Using this free, easy-to-use tool brands are empowered with insight to protect their brand and revenues:

Find Your App:

When you find your app within Applause you will have the ability to view all your app store reviews in collections. In addition, Applause will allow businesses to analyze the mountains of explicit user feedback about features, performance and usability – so they can understand what users are saying about their app. Find your app now.

Search for Your Competitors:

Getting insight into your own app isn’t the only benefit for companies itching for success. Using Applause, business owners can stay ahead of the game by comparing how their app stacks up to their competitors.  Find your competition now.

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