QA: A View From the Inside

1010241_37447337Though we don’t talk about it as often as we should, Applause has helped a number of leading game developers deliver amazing user experiences to their customers. Developers like, Zynga and Ubisoft all turned to Applause to extend and enhance the power of their own internal QA teams in order to leverage the best of both testing worlds, in-house and in-the-wild, to deliver 360o App Quality™ to their customers.

With the end goal being awesome games that users immediately fall in love with, these developers understand the need to make their delivered experiences as engaging and flawless as possible out of the gate. In the mobile app ecosystem, first impressions are crucial and second chances few. And it only takes a few disappointed customers who take the time to post reviews about their experiences to tank the adoption of any new release.

Caleb Wheeler, Senior QA Tester at Proletariat Games, recently posted a fantastic insider’s viewpoint on how essential QA is, to driving a successful release, and kicking off what is hopefully a long and successful product lifecycle.  His article, “QT With QA”, makes a number of great points. But one of the most poignant neatly sums up how a single bad release can snowball:

Shipping a buggy game can lead to negative reviews, which can lead to poor sales, which can lead to layoffs or even studio closures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established AAA development studio, or an indie getting ready to release their first game. Quality matters. End-users expect it and they talk about it when they get it, and when they don’t. And that affects sales. The traditional groupthink about QA needs to evolve because of it. QA isn’t a cost center, it’s a revenue driver to which ROI can be attached. Game developers who embrace that the game app ecosystem isn’t going to grow any less hostile or less competitive, and that app quality has become an incredibly powerful differentiator and influencer, stand a much better chance of thriving. While those that don’t, are more likely to make like a snowman in summer.

Did You Know: Applause Loves Bug Tracking Systems!

1432021_99099785Nobody likes bugs, and nobody wants bugs. But they’re an inevitable part of software development. This has pushed bug management to become an art and science in and of itself. Fortunately, those tasked with reporting, reviewing, accepting, prioritizing, and fixing the myriad of bugs that invest every development project have an extremely powerful tool in their tool box. A bug tracking system. JIRA, Mantis, Pivotal, GitHub, and FogBugz are a few of many such solutions. Regardless of whether it’s a cloud-based SaaS platform or an on-prem integration, bug tracking systems (or BTSs) are built to facilitate the management of bugs from first reporting through resolution.

Applause recognizes how invaluable BTSs are to delivering high quality end-user experiences. To this end, we’ve got a great but often missed feature available – BTS integration!

If you are using any of the following BTSs, you can set up a product inside of the Applause 360 App Quality™ dashboard to integrate directly with that BTS. This will allow any bugs reported through Applause’s testing services to be pushed directly to your BTS, in addition to being logged within the Applause dashboard. If you’ve integrated the Applause SDK in to your app, you can even push bugs reported through the SDK to your BTS.

  • Bugzilla
  • FogBugz
  • GitHub
  • Google API
  • JIRA
  • Mantis
  • Microsoft TFS
  • Pivotal
  • Rally
  • Redmine

Setting up the integration is easy. When creating a new product, or editing an existing one, Step 7: Integration in the Product Configuration Wizard will walk you through the process. In a nutshell:

  • Choose what mobile platform your app is targeting – iOS, Android or Windows Phone
  • Click ‘Add a new connector’
  • Choose your BTS from the list
  • Enter in the required information needed to find and post to your BTS

And, you’re done!

If you’re committed to delivering the best user experiences possible with the help of Applause testing services, and you have a BTS? Take advantage of our BTS integration support. Want more specific information about how Applause integrates with your BTS? Find more information on our 24/7 online help desk: Click Here