Hello World. Meet Applause.

Applause_logo_blk_4x2Hi everybody. For those wondering who we are and what we’re doing, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Today, the uTest labs team launched Applause, a new breed of mobile app analytics product. Applause analyzes 50+ million app store ratings & reviews across 1.1 million iOS & Android apps, and provides each with a 0-100 Applause Score — which is a measure of user satisfaction and app quality. It also breaks down each app across a range of ten key Applause Attributes, such as app security, stability, usability and performance.

As you can imagine, this product provides us with a staggering amount of data about the apps economy. So much, in fact, that it seemed selfish to keep it all to ourselves. So to coincide wiApplauseScoreth the launch of Applause, we’re also pleased to unveil the App Analytics blog.

Our purpose in this blog will be to generate informed, objective and original content on the subject of mobile app analytics. We’ll be writing for a diverse audience of mobile developers, product leaders, brand owners, business execs, test managers, app enthusiasts, data junkies and anyone else who wants to learn more about creating apps that users love. We’ll have fresh stuff every day, so stay tuned. Have a question you’d like us to answer for you (iOS vs. Android; Amazon vs. Walmart; Vine vs. Poke), ask away.

In the meantime, you might be wondering more about the newly-launched Applause product. All the information you need can be found on our site, but here are answers to some of the more basic questions:

ReviewStreamWhy was Applause created? We built Applause because apps have become an increasingly important way for consumers to interact with companies. Brands can no-longer afford to launch a new app or a new version that provides a sub-par experience. And while current mobile analytics tools do a great job with implicit analytics, this leaves decision makers to infer what users must be thinking. We think that the other side of the analytics coin — analytics based upon explicit user feedback — is just as important. When you combine implicit and explicit analytics, you unlock the recipe for launching great apps that win more users, earn greater loyalty and beat the competition.

So how will Applause help you? It enables business, brand and technology leaders to:

  • Manage, filter and organize all their app store reviews to understand what users are truly saying about each new version of an app
  • Examine patterns in what users like – and don’t like – about their apps
  • Decide where they can make the biggest leaps in user satisfaction and app quality
  • Compare their apps against past versions, or their competition, to see how their apps stack up

How does Applause work? Applause was built by a team with experience tackling the world’s toughest big data problems and crawls millions of ratings & reviews. In addition to a 0-100 Applause Score, we also break down each app with ratings across ten Applause Attributes, which comprise your app’s vitals:

  • Satisfaction – how well the satisfies the users’ core expectations
  • Performance – an app’s basic operations and responsiveness
  • Usability – ease of navigation among all app features
  • Security – perceived risk to passwords and other information
  • Stability -  how often the app crashes, hangs or freezes
  • Pricing – an app’s value for the cost
  • Interoperability – how the app integrates with external hardware or services
  • Elegance -  an app design’s attractiveness or coolness
  • Privacy – comfort with an app’s terms of service
  • Content – relevance of data or results displayed in the app across locations and cultures

How much does Applause cost? Not a thing. Applause is completely free of charge right now and only takes a second to get started. Seriously, go search for your company’s app… or a competitor’s app… or just your favorite app. Seriously, go do it now. We dare you.

Again, thanks for checking out new blog and Applause, in general. Much more to come in the very near future. And you can join the Applause conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+

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  2. Puneet said:

    Hey, it’s an amazing tool developed by your team. I’d look forward to explore it and if it works wonders, will definitely try to propose it within my organization.

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