Big Name Apps are Failing at iOS 7

iOS 7 has been in the hands of users for a few weeks now, which means these users have had plenty of time to use – and review – apps running on the latest version of Apple’s operating system. Have developers lived up to the anticipation, challenges and promises of iOS 7? Sadly, no so much.

To-date, Applause has found 5,500 app reviews in the Apple App Store that mention iOS 7. The Applause team took a deeper look at the data and discovered that many high profile apps are disappointing their up-to-date users. Venture Beat used Applause data to focus in on three major messaging apps to see how they are faring with iOS 7.

The average star rating is 3.56, but apps with reviews that mention iOS 7 come in quite a bit lower, down at 2.81.

That’s almost a full star drop.

Most likely, it’s due to the fact that when reviews mention iOS 7, it’s because the app developer hasn’t yet updated the app for Apple’s newest mobile operating system. And sadly, because the app just doesn’t work — or look — as good as it should. That includes big apps from major mobile companies like Skype and WhatsApp:

Messaging apps running iOS 7

As you can see, when a review mentions iOS 7 for Skype, the average star rating is down 1.45 stars. For WhatsApp, that’s 1.7, and for Chess with Friends, it’s a massive 2.42 stars difference.

The Venture Beat article takes a look at the issues driving the rating drops and even highlights some reviews from angry iOS 7 users.

If you have an iOS app but have been dragging your feet when it comes to supporting all of iOS 7′s new features, take a look at your Applause Score, you could be losing users.

2 Responses to “Big Name Apps are Failing at iOS 7”

  1. People are pissed at the iOS 7 app problems | PandoDaily said:

    […] Applause did a case study looking at the WhatsApp reviews and the problems were extensive. People had trouble sending and receiving pictures, using the new keyboard, and muting conversations. They also hated the new look and feel of WhatsApp, saying it’s “boring” and “looks crap.” Below is a sampling of some of the reviews. To see all of them, you can go to Applause’s website. […]

  2. Merc Arceneaux said:

    I absolutely HATE everything about IOS 7.
    I didn’t want the upgrade, but I couldn’t use my keyboard
    To type and send texts, it started dragging and stalling, and letting me
    Type only so much. I kept turning my phone off to reboot
    And that only helped for a second, so I felt
    Forced to download 7. I play Gems with Friends often and now some
    Random screen Constantly pops up while I am in mid game
    At least 3-4 times in a two minute time span while I play.
    My phone also randomly dials and face time soo much now.
    I hate the whole look and feel.. FRUSTRATED!!!!

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