Apple vs. Google: How Do the App Stores Stack Up?

Apple vs. Android: How do the app stores stack up?Today, the biggest battle in tech is the Apple App Store and Google Play’s race for app store supremacy. Both have gone neck-and-neck in apps and downloads, and currently hold an average of 700,000+ apps each.  Developing for either platform puts you amongst a massive pool of apps and offers significant exposure. Yet both have their pain-points, as well.

Whether your developing an app for Android or iOS, it’s important to know how the two App Store’s breakdown by what the users think. Using Applause – an app analytics product that crawls every rating and review from both the Apple App Store and Google Play – developers and business owners can get a better idea of what their users are thinking from a variety of angles which will set them ahead of the game. Here’s a look at look at how the app stores stack up:

Reviews That Mention:

“Love”  Apple: 86,820 Android: 47,994

“Hate” Apple: 1,992 Android: 1,221

“Bugs” Apple: 3,223 Android: 1,318

Apple – Top Attributes: According to Applause, on average, most of the top iOS apps excel at usability. This means users find the top iOS apps easy to navigate and fully use the breadth of the app’s features.

Android – Top Attribute: According to Applause, on average most of the top Android apps maintain high user satisfaction. Users find these apps fun, engaging and perhaps healthily addictive.

Apple – Needs Work: Most of the top iOS apps could use some work on stability. This means Applause found that several of the top iOS apps had reviews mentioning “crash” “froze” or “kicked me out”. It’s important to remember that no one will download an app known for freezing or crashing. If your app is crashing or freezing, it isn’t working.

Android – Needs Work: Security seems to be top concern for Android apps, according to Applause data. With Android’s open nature, it is a new medium for hackers and they are coming up with ways to compromise  these mobile apps every day. It is important to catch and patch any vulnerabilities as soon as possible. Being on top of new issues and threats is the best way to show users that you take their privacy and security seriously.

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