Your Bug Reports Have Been Simplified

Reviewing your bugs on our platform just got even easier.

Locating specific and important details among the diverse breadth of information in each report has become much simpler after Applause has rolled out its next generation of bug reporting.

Moving forward, all of the information that is important to users will be collected and presented in one location, all of the actions a user might take will run though one simple drop-down menu, and all of the content in the report will be presented in easy-to-understand tabs.

Information like what types of bugs testers are finding, whether those bugs have been resolved, what tier-value a bug has, which build it occurred on, and which environment it occurred in is now sorted and presented in a straightforward manner across the top of the screen.

ssblogpostThe new intuitive design has also made important information like Test Team Lead Recommendations and community reproductions easily visible in the Description tab.

To the right of the Description tab, you’ll notice the Discussion and History tabs. All of the information in a report has been broken into these three tabs to minimize scrolling and ultimately create an easy-to-scan format.

And finally, the process of acting on the bugs discovered has also been streamlined. Rather than maneuvering through a series of buttons, users can now act quickly and decisively on the new drop down menu that consolidates all of the different actions a user can take, including Edit, Won’t Fix, Export, Approve, Reject, Verify, Request More Info, and Resolve.

This is just the first step, too. This simplified design will soon be a part of Applause’s software offerings. Stay tuned for more details!


Applause Congratulates Customers on Being Top of the Heap

CongratulationTrophy420x240s to Applause customers Docusign, Concur, Citrix, Kashoo, LogMeIn, and Rosetta Stone!

These companies have demonstrated what winning apps look by earning recognition in the 2015 Tabby Awards/Business and Mobby Awards/Business.

The Tabby Awards/Business celebrated its fourth year of recognizing the best tablet apps for work and productivity across the world while the newly founded Mobby Awards/Business inaugurated their first lineup of winning apps for smartphones.

Earning this honor was no simple feat. These companies endured multiple rounds of assessments at the hands of a panel of 24 independent mobile experts and were evaluated on their product’s business value, user experience, design, innovation and performance.

With over 300,000 business apps available on Android and iOS, the last companies standing were able to claim their spot in the top 0.01% of all business apps.

Applause is proud to have assisted six of the companies that were recognized this year by providing 360° App Quality through in-the-wild testing services, mobile beta management, and customer sentiment analysis.

Since 2007, Applause has enabled companies like Amazon, Snapchat, and RunKeeper to ensure that their apps are not only functioning, but also delighting their users.

If you are interested in learning more about 360° App Quality and how it works, contact us.


Participant Screen Recording and What’s New in Mobile Beta Management

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for the Mobile Beta Management team. We’ve released a number of great new features that make life easier for both beta participants and managers.

First up, a new bug reporting structure for participants. Rather than providing a free-form field where participants type in all their bug info, the new report contains fields to provide a title, description, actions taken, and a severity picker. This provides a much cleaner and more detailed view for managers when they review incoming bugs. Along with the new bug report structure, participants can now capture up to a minute long screen recording that will be attached to their bug report. This is especially useful in scenarios where bugs require more context or have a large number of steps to reproduce. Rather than (or in addition to) taking numerous screenshots, participants can record a video as they navigate through your app.

Participant Screen Recording Attachment  Participant Recording
To compliment these changes on the manager side, we’ve updated how bugs and feedback are displayed in the dashboard. These items now have their own individual pages and IDs, facilitating simple sharing (via permalinks) among managers. From these new pages, bug/feedback text and attachments are neatly organized and additional session information is easily accessible.

Bug Report

Other enhancements include:

  • Additional filters on bug, feedback, and crash pages; find what you’re looking for much faster
  • Redmine support; our list of supported bug tracking systems continues to grow

Over the coming weeks and months, be on the lookout for:

  • More features for supporting open betas, e.g. Participant Waitlist
  • Conversations – communicate directly with participants re: bugs/feedback
  • Bug/feedback archiving
  • Contextual feedback – prompt for feedback when participants view specified pages within your app
  • SDK support for Xamarin

If you’re interested in learning how Mobile Beta Management can help your organization, contact us.

Most Innovative Company? Don’t Mind if We Do.

ABA15_Gold_VHello citizens of the apps economy. I’m proud to share some exciting company news: last night in Chicago, Applause was presented with the Stevie® Award as the “Most Innovative Company” up to 2,500 employees. This is the 6th time we’ve won a Stevie® Award in our 7-year history. But given the larger category and competition, this is by far the biggest Stevie we’ve ever won.

The Stevies® are the premier business awards in the US. and 3,300+ nominations were submitted this year from companies of all sizes and industries, so the competition was fierce. It’s important to note that this type of honor does not happen without our 250+ hard-working employees, our thousands of customers, and our community of 175,000+ professional testers.

This most-recent win tops a 1 ½ year stretch filled with major milestones, including:

  • $43MM E-Round, led by Goldman Sachs
  • Our rebrand, from uTest to Applause, to reflect our expanded 360° app quality offering
  • Our entry into the EU market with the  acquisition of top EU crowdtesting firm, testhub (which became Applause EU)
  • The launch of ARC – a free publication to provide expert analysis, research  & editorial on every aspect of today’s apps economy, led by former ReadWrite Editor Dan Rowinski
  • The birth of the Ovation Awards, which measures how much applause top apps receive from users and expert judges
  • We announced that our mobile sentiment analysis product is now available in France, Italy, Germany and Spain
  • Just last month, we launched Applause Test Automation, which makes us a one-stop shop for all your mobile, web & IoT app quality needs
  • In addition to winning Stevie® Awards, we made our third-straight list of Forbes’ Most Promising Companies and Inc’s list of fastest-growing companies

Being named the most innovative company is a testament to our approach – to being ahead of the curve and to helping companies solve real business and product problems around their web, mobile & wearable applications.

Thank you, and now it’s time for us to get back to work!

Announcing Applause Test Automation

dashboardWhen people ask me the secret to successful apps, I tell them it’s about looking at your app quality from a 360° perspective. And while that might sound like a lofty concept, it’s important to truly bring together different viewpoints, data and analytics to understand what to improve, fix or do next. Providing all the tools and services necessary to achieve 360° app quality is a relentless pursuit at Applause. To that end, we’ve had conversations with hundreds of customers about what would help them release the best apps and websites possible. Test automation frequently came up as a “would love to have”, but the costs and resources required to do it right was often a concern.  Many times, automation became a burden where implemented – the value it (may have) once provided quickly diminished as teams became weighed-down attempting to keep the scripts updated as their apps evolved.

Realizing the value automation could provide if properly constructed, we reached out to engineers in our community and began building a robust solution. In the past year we have worked with a number of companies, large and small, implementing test automation solutions with great success. With a focus on addressing the gaps, hidden costs and leading causes of failure that plague test automation, we set out to create a formal offering that could be used by any company looking to improve their mobile and web apps.

Today, I’m excited and proud to announce the addition of full-service Test Automation to our family of 360° App Quality™ solutions.

Automation from Applause is a 100% turnkey solution that lets companies enjoy the many benefits of automation without the fear of constant maintenance, skyrocketing costs and potential abandonment.

What do we mean by full-service?  Applause and our community of expert automation engineers will take care of everything, including:

    • Test Script Development: Applause automation engineers develop automated scripts and custom object layer, resulting in an automation implementation that’s quick to deploy and easy to maintain.
    • Test Script Maintenance and Execution: Even small application changes can require changes to automation scripts. With Applause, automation script failures are reviewed and corrected by members of the global Applause QA community, and we notify immediately if any bugs are discovered.
    • Real Devices in the Cloud: The Applause device clouds, created in collaboration with Testdroid, provide and maintain the infrastructure in the US and in the EU, so customers don’t have any incremental investment.
    • Automation Team: A full team of Applause automation engineers and test case creators, responsible for all technical aspects of the project.
    • Test Case Writing: Applause works with companies to create custom test scenarios that represent real-world user experiences. Applause test case writers create the manual test cases or modify existing scenarios to ensure they can be automated.

The result? Faster test cycle times, improved manual tester efficiency and quicker time to market for new features. Within 3-5 weeks of project start, your most critical test scenarios will be automated and executed on a set schedule. All at a cost equal to or less than the alternatives that only provide tool/device access… and you own the abstraction layer and scripts after they are created.

As technologies change and new innovations emerge, Applause will be at the forefront, ready to extend existing offerings and leap into new ones. You can learn more about this exciting new service at

We’re excited to provide our customers with yet another resource for building great apps that separates them from the competition. Through the years, Applause has continually expanded its portfolio, establishing itself as the one place to go to ensure you are building and launching great apps… and we’re just getting started.


With Over Half A Billion Reviews, Are You Listening?

It’s strange to think in seven years how the Apps Economy has burst on to the scene. Mobile apps have engrained themselves into our every day lives and keep getting better every day. And at the same time, we’re talking about them. Users want app developers know exactly how they feel and whether they love you or hate you they’ll be vocal about it. That’s why today there are over half a billion reviews in the app stores. Of course distilling it all is no task to be taken on by mere mortals. That’s why two years ago, Applause launched Applause Analytics, the first app store analytics tool to tell you what your users are thinking. And today, we’re excited about the next chapter along the Applause Analytics journey.

The fundamental mission of Applause Analytics is to enable you to listen to your users. And we’ve done just that ourselves. Today, we introduce a new interface and new tools for understanding how your apps stack up against each other and the competition, all based on feedback we’ve received from valued customers and partners.

The enhanced Applause Analytics includes many new features, including:

  • New Interface – Serving up the right information at the right time to keep app owners at the center of their app quality universe.
  • International Benchmarking – Companies can now see how their app is performing in different app stores around the world.
  • Custom Attributes – For years, Applause Analytics has been scoring apps across the apps economy by ten key attributes that indicate directional success. Now, users are also empowered to leverage scoring mechanisms that score apps based on the criteria they select.
  • Activity Feed – It’s now easier for companies to stay up to date on how much applause their app and their competitors’ apps are getting. This feature displays information such as review swings, star changes and releases.
  • Competitive Benchmarking – From auto-defining competitor apps based on similarities, to being able to track review sentiment and hits across key attributes, this enhanced feature enables companies to always know where they rank.
  • Comparative Analysis – Users can take a dive deep across top competitors to see where they stand on a given day based on app store star rating, Applause score or review count.
  • Apps Economy Overview – This brand new feature helps companies gather greater insight into what’s trending in specific app stores and what trends lead to success.

Watch the quick intro above, or better yet try it out for yourself by requesting a trial.

We Fired Bob Loblaw, And Stay Tuned For More

Hello there, fans of apps and those with an interest in Applause.

I want to take a moment to thank management for having a change of heart and firing the worst hire they ever made. Bob Loblaw was a horrible lawyer, knew nothing about apps and, worst of all, was completely fictional. That’s not a good combination for someone in charge of the corporate blog for the world’s leader in 360° App Quality.

While I’m here to let you all know that yesterday’s HR mistake was of course a little April Fool’s Day fun, let me also let you in on some actual insider information – the fact that we’ve got some big things coming; Product news, appearances in tier 1 analyst reports and guides, and a full docket of big spring event appearances on the calendar, in both North America and the EU.

So thanks for visiting us on April Fool’s day, we hope our pronunciation/Arrested Development joke made your day a little brighter and think “their April Fool’s Day joke was good. And so they……they must also be good.”

As always, stay up-to-date on all things pertaining to the apps economy with Dan Rowinski and company over at ARC , and come back soon for some big news and apps economy accolades.


Bob Loblaw’s Applause Blog Debuts

3x3_Bob_LoblawHello users of software applications (or as my new employers lazily refer to them, “apps.”)

My name is Bob Loblaw. Owner of the Law Offices of Bob Loblaw and, as of today, the new director of content for what will now be known as Bob Loblaw’s Applause Blog.

I want to say that it’s an honor to be gainfully employed again given such big responsibility by the team at Applause. I usually only get asked to work when someone fires Barry Zuckerkorn, so this is a nice surprise.

I know people come to this blog for information about the company, which I’ve been told does something called “360° App Quality.” I know what a degree symbol is, so I think I’ve got a good head start.

There are important things to know in what my new co-workers (they use the term “colleagues” but Bob Loblaw no habla Espanol) call the “apps economy,” and I will be covering all of them to help you avoid the double talk and get what you need! (I hear that Netflix even has a software application. I mean, television on a computer. The future is HERE!)

For example, are you a CEO, CMO or other executive whose app crashes or needs testing for functional tissues or user-bility (sic)? If so, we can help. After all, why should your company suffer for a bad app that someone else noticed? Here at Bob Loblaw’s Applause Blog, we’ll help you with information on lots of helpful topics that help, including:

  • Applause Laws – Where we’ll take on that Lady GaGa and others who unlawfully use the word Applause (Applause Laws not to be confused with actual laws)
  • Applause Plausability – Where we pause with cause and think about the possibilities for Applause
  • Applause App Flaws – Where we practically fall over from flaws we saw
  • Appaws – For our cat and dog friends
  • Bob Loblaw’s “What Applause Saw” – Where I tell you what Applause Analytics revealed about my favorite apps
  • Applause Applesauce – Friday will be recipe day at Bob Loblaw’s Applause Blog
  • Applause AppleWatch Watch – Where we watch for updates on what people are watching for from the Apple Watch
  • Facebook
  • And many more (including Andy Capp-Lause, for our British readers and Oh SNAP!plause, where we show our playful side)

I may not yet know about apps, but I’m in charge of this blog, of its days and its nights.  So until I figure it all out, visit mi colegas at our world wide web internet house,  And for the general mills international coffee fans out there, try Applause EU (now with Beta Testing. Whatever that is.).

-Every day is a gift, that’s why they call it the present!,

Bob Loblaw

Applause is Headed to Mobile World Congress

MWC logoGreetings from Barcelona!….is what Applause staffers will be saying, starting this coming Monday. We’re heading over to Mobile World Congress from March 2nd – March 5th to share our apps expertise, learn about breaking news and, hopefully, pick up an award!

Our co-founder Roy Solomon will be there – along with executives from Applause EU –  to discuss 360° App Quality™ with the worlds biggest brands and hottest startups.  We’ll be located in “App Planet” (hall 8.1) at stand 8.1J9.  Be sure to stop by to discuss In-the-Wild testing, analytics, mobile beta management and more. Learn about why thousands of companies – including Google, Amazon, RunKeeper, Concur and others – use Applause to launch great apps users love. (Oh, and while you’re there, enter to win a free iPad Air).

On March 3rd at the conference, you can find us at the Global Mobile Awards, where we’re a finalist in the Best Mobile Service or App for Enterprise category for our App Quality ToolsIt’s an incredible honor to be nominated, and we’re thrilled to be in such great company. Thanks so much to the judges and best of luck to all of the nominees.

Another member of our team will be there, but with a different mission. Dan Rowinski, the editor-in-chief of ARCwill be covering breaking news from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Blackphone and Microsoft. Dan and ARC will be looking for the what’s hot in the apps economy – mobile payments, IoT, automation, new devices and more. In fact, Dan gave a teaser of his trip to Spain – and his thoughts on LoopPay, Samsung and other items – on TechNews 2 Night yesterday.  For those of you new to us, Dan is indeed the same Dan Rowinski who used to be the Mobile Editor at He joined our team and launched ARC (the App Resource Center) last fall and has been building up a library of deep thoughtful pieces on the apps economy, as well as a top-of-line series of research reports.

So if you’re going to Mobile World Congress, be on the lookout for Dan and the Applause team. If you’re not going you can of course follow all our activity on Twitter at @applause and @Dan_Rowinski.

See you in Spain!


Applause Wins Award from IBM for Partnership…and More!

ibmAs the never-ending polar vortex of this winter continues, things are starting to heat up at Applause.

We’re proud to announce that yesterday, during IBM InterConnect, it was announced that Applause has been chosen as the winner of IBM’s Best Partner Integration Technology Solution Award.

You may recall that we announced our collaboration with IBM last July, telling the world of our close work with IBM’s MobileFirst and Rational Software technology teams to develop solutions that help companies better achieve mobile app quality that aligns with users’ perspectives.

You may also recall how our integrated technology was singled out by Forrester in their report, “IBM Reinforces Mobile First,” under a section entitled “The Proof Is In The Pudding” where they mention IBM’s current offerings and services including (sans links) Mobile Quality Assurance, powered by Applause technology.”

Thank you to our friends and partners at IBM for this great award. We look forward to growing our integrated technology and our overall relationship. And If you are at IBM InterConnect this week, please be sure to check out our CEO Doron Reuveni on the “Future trends in mobile app testing and quality” panel, which takes place Tuesday, February 24th at 5:30 in Lagoon G at Mandalay Bay. (More about Doron in a moment).

Co-Founder Talks Testing

In other news, our Co-Founder and VP of Product Management, Roy Solomon, was visiting our offices in Israel recently and stopped by i24News to talk about our global community of professional testers, how crowdsourcing for QA works, and more. The interview can be seen on the i24News site.

Co-Founder and Applause Featured

Last but not least, our other Co-Founder – CEO, Doron Reuveni – was featured in a profile piece on The feature looks at Doron’s background and how he’s grown Applause from humble beginnings, in a small office in the Boston area’s MetroWest, to a global app quality company with offices in the EU and beyond.

There’s much more to talk about on the horizon, so check back soon for more Applause news. And, as always, check out ARC for the latest from around the apps economy.